"Connecting Right People to the Right Jobs"

Company Overview

Macro Manpower Ltd, is located in the outskirts of Kampala; a cosmopolitan city, with urban and peri-urban communities that offer a cost effective skill set for employment abroad. Macro Manpower Ltd is incorporated and licensed by the Ministry of Labor Gender and Social Development of the government of Uganda (License No 173), to recruit and place Ugandan migrant workers to companies all over the world. We, at Macro Manpower Ltd, understand the importance of providing qualified and suitable manpower to meet the employer’s needs. We have screened and identified motivated manpower to provide security. Behind this excellent performance, is premium staff that is highly educated with vast experience and numerous accolades to their names. With this expert base, we remain unbeaten in identifying talent and mentoring it to internationally reputable standards of employment. We boast of facilitating face to face interactions between international clientele with our labor force, prior to contract signing and labor export.

Why Macro Manpower Limited

  • Keeping a database of crime-free, hardworking, employable youths ready for relocation at the shortest notice.
  • Training and retraining potential migrant workers to suit the needs of the clientele .
  • Negotiating insurance policies for migrant workers.
  • Aligning itself with the national internal and external security screening systems, as well as national labour laws to identify, interview and train potential migrant workers.
  • Alignment with national regulations of legal migrant workers (brain drain).

Our Vision, Mission, Goal

Vision Statement

Macro Manpower Ltd seeks for human, gender sensitive, racially indiscriminative equal opportunity formal employment abroad for Ugandan youths between 18 and 45 years of age. Macro Manpower Ltd aligns itself to the Ugandan and UN labour laws to ensure justice and equity, while guaranteeing immigrant household remittances.

Missioon Statement

To identify, capacitate, and place Uganda’s proficient work force in regional and international job opportunities while assuring labor standards and quality of performance as well as remittances in mutual agreement with our clientele.

Goal Statement

Skill and settle Ugandans in profitable jobs overseas, to improve per capita welfare in Uganda through remittance of foreign exchange.